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Nano maxx

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  • With complete combustion harmful Emission can be reduced by (30-35%), Fuel Savings of (5- 25%),Power Improvement of (10-30%) and Noise Reduction from 5-20%.


How Do I Apply Nano Maxx?

Step 1:- Turn Off Engine and Open Radiator Cap.

Step 2:- Ensure Radiator Water is not 100% Full. If 100% full, please remove around 50ml of water from the radiator using the given syringe.

Step 3:- Shake NanoMaxx vigorously for 1 minute to ensure the nano mineral is evenly dispersed in the sachet.

Step 4:- Pour whole 30ml of Nano Maxx into the Radiator.

Step 5:- Start your engine and keep it running for 5 minutes and drive for at least 50km as soon as possible.


  • *For best performance & effectiveness, we recommend to change new water and radiator coolant for vehicles with more than 50,000 km mileage. (Rust in Radiator and Water will reduce the effectiveness of Nano Maxx). Nano Maxx will start taking effect between 50-300 km. You will notice your vehicle is more powerful and the fuel consumption improve after this using Nano Maxx.
  • Ensure radiator water is not 100% full. if 100% full, please remove around 50 ml of water from the radiator using the given syringe.



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