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About Us


smartdealplc.com is a cloud based web platform used to host among other things, e-commerce, business directory and more. The company has just released the eCommerce vertical as public beta and is planning to release more services soon.

Here are some of the questions our company will help answering.

Smart Phone and Internet penetration is growing in Ethiopia. But there aren’t many online services that can serve the needs of a growing number of online users. Smart Deal PLC is committed to fill this gap by offering a reliable online shopping experience by on boarding various products from businesses who are willing to give significant discount prices.

We do the bargain on behalf of the customer

We believe this service alone makes us standout because we take the burden of price negotiations off of the customer’s shoulder. We guarantee our customers always get a cheaper price than what they would pay if they purchase products directly from the physical shop.

This service is particularily important since most of Ethiopian businesses don’t disclose the real price of their products and services. This can be attributed to fear of competetion from similar businesses who might use the information to set their own base price. The other reason could be that hiding the real price enables the businesses to charge more money from unsuspecting customers. This is where we come in. Among other things, we will provide the following services to our customers

  • our team will before hand negotiate the best bargain prices
  • our platform will serve as a central source of information for both buyers and sellers
  • We maintain a database that enables buyers where to find specific goods and services
  • We negotiate on behalf of the cusotomer the Warranty information is clearly displayed and is honored
  • We maintain dependable database of product details and reivews